The Von Trapps have all been playing in working bands for over two decades. Look for us playing with other talented Bay Area groups such as The Bell Brothers, Tee Fee, and Satisfied Frog and the Toads.

Dave started his bay area career as a student of Peggy Lucchesi in Oakland. From there he has played everything he can get his hands on from Classical, to Jazz to Blues and Rock. There was a 10 year jump to Santa Barbara where he hit the streets with Spencer the Gardner, The Avant Gardeners, Joeseppi’s wedding Band and The Goods. Then it was back to the Bay to sub for his friends in Tee Fee and then bring together the Power Trio that is The VonTrapps.

Steve covers the Bay Area Scene from a home base of Catsro Valley. A long time professional musician, Steve has played every Country Club, Wedding Hall, Elks Club, Moose Lodge, VFW, Convelescent Home, and VA Hospital (quite sad, really....) from SF to Sacto. In fact Steve is one of the very few elite gold card customers at Selix and has an extensive collection of cumberbunds and mathching bow ties in all the hottest pastel colors of the 80's. Currently on hiatus from as much as possible, Steve anchors the rhythm section and Vocals for The VonTrapps.

Kevin has been a part of the bay area music scene since high school in Berkeley. After studying with Joe Satriani he has gone on to be a part of many local bands with style ranging from Zydeco to Rock to Blues. There are also lost tapes of Kev and Dave in studio for a short lived 80’s Rap project known as the Rockridge sessions. Kevin currently performs with Tee Fee Swamp Boogie and The Bell Brothers and is the confident front man of The VonTrapps.

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